About Minaj Holdings

Minaj Holdings Limited is a Private Limited Liability Company incorporated in December 1980. It is an investment company with interest in media, mining, property and trading. It has a board of six (6) Directors with Michael Nnanye Ajegbo as the Chairman and CEO of the company. Minaj has operational license for Free View National Digital Terrestrial Television Broadcasting. We possess four (4) licenses to operate FM radio stations in Abuja, Obosi, Enugu and Lagos Island. We have an operating license to mine Silica and Kaoslin (ML 27470) and two (2) exploration licenses (EL 26308 and EL 31160) for Silica in Enugu State, Nigeria. Minaj is also into trading.

Our Vision

To establish profitable and reputable organizations that will impact positively on lives and the environment.

Our Mision

To engage in profitable ventures in both emerging and developed market to hedge against capital depreciation.

Our Core Values

The core values articulate the personal characteristics that Minaj expects its employees to exhibit at work. The “Minaj Man” and “Minaj Woman” should always demonstrate:

  • Professionalism: In order to build and maintain our customer relationships, it is imperative that employees exhibit a professional demeanor in all business relations. This includes exhibiting courtesy and respect. It also involves timeliness in the delivery of products and services to customers. Essentially, professionalism requires applying the highest standards, methods, and practices in our work and customer relationships.

  • Teamwork: At Minaj Group, we value the input of every employee regardless of grade level. We believe that when employees work together, great feats can be accomplished. We pride ourselves in giving employees the freedom to take initiative but we also believe it is important that colleagues from diverse backgrounds work together to develop ideas and strategies that will move the company forward. Together Everyone Achieves More…. TEAM!

  • Innovation: The best way to compete successfully with companies that are bigger and have been around longer is by being innovative. We must constantly be looking for better ways of doing things. Applying new technology, organizing differently, or structuring a creative deal with a customer is just some examples of how we can be innovative.

  • Integrity: We value the trust of our customers thus; we strongly believe that integrity is a must for building long-lasting and fruitful relationships. To this end, employees are urged to adhere wholeheartedly to the Minaj Code of Ethics provided in the Employee Handbook. This code is our creed and promise to maintain integrity in all our business dealings and customer relationships.

  • Quality: At Minaj Group, we must continuously strive to provide our customers with the highest possible grade of products and services. We must never settle for less than the best. Our goal is to ensure that at all times our products and services not only meet but exceed industry and customer standards.

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